Alternatives to Violence Project

The Alternatives to Violence Project (AVP) is a grassroots volunteer program that is dedicated to reducing violence in our society.  It started with one workshop for inmates at Green Haven Correctional Facility in New York State in 1975. 

AVP has proven to be so effective that workshops are now being conducted throughout the United States and in 50 countries.  In Western New York, AVP provides programs for prison inmates, students and teachers, churches, service organizations and community groups.

AVP offers a series of three workshops, each led by a team of skilled and experienced facilitators.  Exercises in small groups build a sense of community and trust and offer opportunities to practice the skills useful in solving conflicts positively.

Conflict does not need to turn into violence but may become a tool for personal and social change.  The Alternatives to Violence Project helps people learn to turn their conflicts into opportunities for growth. 

Central beliefs of AVP

  • there is good in everyone 

  • we all have the potential for resolving conflicts peacefully and can learn skills to help us

Conflict Resolution Workshop learnings

Each workshop is a two-day experience that helps people:

  • improve self-esteem               

  • learn assertiveness        

  • strengthen communication skills    

  • understand others                

  • learn leadership skills

  • manage anger


“This workshop has helped me identify with other people’s situations, no matter what culture we are.  I have learned that we can get along.”

“I have learned to be more patient, to listen to others more attentively.”

“You have to learn how to resolve conflict.  If you don’t, you will wind up in jail or dead and you don’t want to be dead.” (6th-grade student)

“Now I know there are alternatives!”

Further information

Contact: Vivian Waltz

Alternatives to Violence Project
80 Durham Avenue
Buffalo, NY  14215